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Hello everyone, my name is Bart Hendrikx. No, I don't have any blood relations with Jimi. Berlin is where I am now. In less than 3 decades of this inspired life of mine, I've uncovered a bit of Mother Earth, living in cities like Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, London, Antibes, NY, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and 5 years of Malibu, CA where I worked in Advertising, Music, Film and TV. I collect air miles as often as I redeem them. Welcome to my My World: A Non-Commercial Blog intended for private personal study and educational purposes only with no charge made for any materials. Together we will absorb a daily recommended dose of inspirational content. We will laugh, we will cry - but most of all - we will delight in the inspired creations of humanity. Great documentaries, films, TV series, books, music, eclectic visions, interesting opinions, history lessons and anything else that uplifts and informs the human spirit. Enjoy your stay. And don't hesitate to click on the Random button, arrow above or by messaging me if you want your mirrored copyright material (Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976) which is intended for private personal study only removed - I enjoy talking to strangers.

“What is to give light must endure burning.” (Documentary) 

The trailer above is from a truly fascinating documentary that explored the genesis of one of cinema’s greatest epics that never was: Chilean-French cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (EL TOPO) adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic film: DUNE.Whose cast would have included such icons as Salvador Dali, Orson Welles and Mick Jagger. In 1975, following the runaway success of his art-house freak-outs EL TOPO and HOLY MOUNTAIN, Alejandro Jodorowsky secured the rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune - and began work on what was gearing up to be an unsuccessful attempt to create a cinematic game-changer, a sci-fi epic unlike anything the world had ever seen…..The project ultimately stalled for financial reasons. The film rights lapsed until 1982, when they were purchased by Italian filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis, who eventually released the 1984 film Dune, directed by David Lynch (TRAILER) (STARLOG) (ARTS) (Ridley Scott on Dune) …. Jodorowsky’s Dune…A-truly-Remarkable-doc! One-to-Watch! ORDER US & CANADA HERE, EUROPE HERE…. Also Recommend - Frank Pavich takes us behind the magic of (article)30 Lessons Learned from Jodorowsky’s DUNE (via you live for your résumé … or your eulogy? by David Brooks - VIDEO

"For some reason, people value being scared less than they value laughing." (VIDEO) 

Jason Blum (NBC Universal deal) is simply one of the hottest producers in Hollywood right now. Over the last five years, Blumhouse Productions, a multi-media production company that has pioneered a new model of studio filmmaking- producing high-quality micro-budget films for wide release. Since its launch in 2000, Blumhouse has produced more than 30 feature films including the highly-profitable Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge and Sinister franchises. Eight of Blumhouse’s recent films have grossed a combined $1 billion at the worldwide box-office on budgets under $50 million. (NYimes) Watch SXSW Keynote here or above. 

How Wolves Change Rivers. (Video) 

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable “trophic cascade” occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George Monbiot explains in this brilliant video remix made by Sustainable human...One-to-follow!  WATCH HERE…. The narration is excerpted from a TED talk by George Monbiot — watch it here.

There are prisons and there are jails.” (Documentary)

The U.S. is one of only two countries (along with the Philippines) that allows companies to bail people out of jail at a profit. In all but 4 states, bail bondsmen are allowed to take almost any legal measure necessary to capture fugitives, including crossing state lines and breaking into homes. It’s a dangerous business for almost everyone involved, with few rules and little oversight. In total the broken bail bond system costs US tax-payers $9billion/year!(NPR) Fault Lines, an award-winning documentary series produced and broadcast by Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera America. Fault Lines begins its sixth season in 2014. One-to-follow and One-to-watch!