6 years ago

17 Hours In by Ivo Raza. 

Well made, with natural light 15 minutes short, by the talented Director Ivo Raza. 17 hrs in features David Lipper and has an original score from Mr Long (Black Sheep). Strong cinematography and skilful storytelling. Straight from Movieshardeblore: With limited time to tell the story, Raza and his DP Bernardo Nogueira lens judiciously and effectively with natural bright lighting, keeping the film upbeat. With close-ups and two-shots, Raza creates an intimacy that allows for the audience to connect. I, for one, would relish the opportunity to see “Seventeen Hours In” expanded to a feature. Interesting side note is that the director created a music video (VIDEO), instead of a trailer for the title song by Mr. Lawnge,