10 years ago

China’s Role in Africa. 

#stopkony2012 or #stopchina2012? With China basically colonizing Africa on such rapid pace it could be that the Washington D.C. politicians would need a strategic campaign where the whole world would put their eyes on African rebel leaders, children in need, local conflicts etc. Reliable information on Beijing’s African adventure is hard to come by. But we do know that trade between China and the world’s poorest continent totalled about £30 billion last year. China now buys about one third of its oil from Africa, mainly from Angola, where an £800 million deal to develop a new field was signed last may. And from Sudan where Beijing built a 900-mile pipeline and invested at least £8 billion. China is spending another £1.2 billion on a new offshore oilfield in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Beijing has acquired mines in Zambia, textile factories in Lesotho, railways in Uganda, timber in the Central African Republic and retail developments in almost every capital. Enough reason for the US to build more military bases and even send some more troops. Well a viral campaign from a hip filmmaker maybe works? Click here for a possible storyline. Next to that I recommend Deborah Brautigam‘s book The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa"