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The Choice 2016 | Full FILM | FRONTLINE

TheChoicePBS just became the most-watched FRONTLINE of the decade.

#DonaldTrump has been elected president of the United States. Learn about what’s shaped him and how he leads in our dual biography, Stream the most-watched #FRONTLINE of the decade #TheChoicePBS right here…

#TheChoicePBS just became the most-watched FRONTLINE of the decade. Haven’t seen it? Watch it here:

For Dutch visitors watch full film here

FRONTLINE’s acclaimed election series “The Choice” returned on September 27th with a two-hour film investigating what has shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, where they came from, how they lead and why they want to take on one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. From veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk, “The Choice 2016” premieres Tues., 9/27 on PBS and online at pbs.org/frontline.


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Hillary Clinton: A Woman on the Edge

Also watch award-winning Director William Karel (The Dark Side of the Moon, CIA Secret Stories, Who killed Maggie?, The World According to Bush, Barack Obama – Great Expectations, Annihilation – the destruction of Europe’s Jews), a keen observer of US politics for many years.

He will take us behind the scenes of this wild race for the presidency, while reminding us the chaotic ascension of a woman who began in politics as the “wife of…” and may well become next year’s first female US President. A paragon of political courage and determination, Hillary Clinton is, for better or worse, a woman on the edge. Watch full film below:


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