12 years ago

Giorgio Moroder

Yes! The man behind my top-10 all-time favorite film sound tracks The Chase – Midnight Express (1978) and Tony’s Theme- Scarface (1983) has reissued a reissue of the 1927 and 1984 silent film Metropolis. Does Moroder really need an introduction? I mean the 3-time Academy Award and 2-time Grammy Award winning producer has made genre-defining music withThe Chase (hi-NRG genre) and Love to Love You Baby and I Feel Love. And recently said he is collaborating with a little rap on the upcoming album of Daft Punk. (IMS 2012) Enough praising. Since yesterday METROPOLIS can be streamed here for only £3.99. Click here for the brilliantly made Auxiliary tha Masterfader Spotify playlists Giorgio Moroder: Selected ProductionsVarious Artists – Midnight ExpressScarface: Various Artists – Scarface,   Metropolis: Various Artists – Metropolis – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Auxiliary tha Masterfader’s own Electric Disco EP! My repeat button is on FIRE!! Thankx AUX!!