10 years ago

“Streaming is the future. TV will not be TV in five years from now…everyone will be streaming.”

House of Cards (TRAILER) is a political drama television series developed by writer Beau Willimon (Ides of March). This for the streaming network Netflix. It’s Netflix debut as a creator of scripted programming. Netflix entered the content-creator business in a very interesting way because they released all 13 episodes of Season 1 all at once. The Lilyhammer series was a Norwegian production and Netflix simply acquired the American distribution rights. They have made it very clear to us all that they mean business. The fourth season of Arrested Development is arriving in May just after Eli Roth’s horror-series Hemlock Grove (TRAILER) in April. House of Cards/Netflix had a shocking $100 million budget for 26 episodes. Next to that they offered free access to non-subscribers to Episode 1. The production set up of this series is virtually unique, this because it’s extraordinary creative freedom they permitted filmmakers to write/direct/produce without undue supervision or second-guessing. What a clever marketing move, vision and welcome shake-up in our Industry. No wonder that Oscar nominated Director David Fincher came on board as Director and Executive Producer. Fincher directed the first two episodes. House of Cards follows ruthless Congressman Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) who will stop at nothing to conquer everything. The series is based on the 1990 BBC political thriller miniseries of the same name. Adapted by writer Andrew Davies from Michael Dobbs’s 1989 novel. The novel evolved around the Conservative Party’s chief Francis Urquhart, played by the late Ian Richardson. (VIDEO) Kevin Spacey gives a tour-de-force performance. The dialogues are extremely sharp. It’s beautifully shot and has great pacing. Jeff Beal’s composing perfectly complements. Finally some acclaimed drama again! Have been missing it from our mainstream Hollywood Feature Film industry. A-One-Not-To-Miss! (Photo copyright Netflix)