10 years ago

“In Memory of…”
“When you’re first starting, you have to act wherever you can. You can’t be picky. You really have to act wherever you can and wherever you get a chance to act and that might even be in an audition room. This is something a teacher told me years ago and he’s right. Even if you’re auditioning for something you know you’re never going to get, or you might have read it and might not have even liked it, but you know you have to go. If you get a chance to act in a room, that somebody else has paid rent for, than you’re giving a free chance to practice your craft. And in the moment, you should act as well as you can, because if you leave the room, or the theater, or wherever you are and you acted as well as you can, there’s no way the people that watched you will forget it.” 
Philip Seymour Hoffman – RIP
Press Conference:
63rd Golden Globe Awards Winner in Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama, 16.01.2006 
Link here (5.40)