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“We must protect our planet, and all those creatures who call it home.”

Sir David Attenborough's epic heartfelt plea

Sir David Attenborough’s epic sign off from Ep. 6, last sunday on BBCOne’s Planet Earth 2:

Watch the clip here (0:48)

“Yet, it’s on this connection that the future of both humanity and the natural world will depend. And it is, surely, our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

There’s no question Planet Earth II has once more left its mark on the television landscape. Truly the most urgent words of 2016! Please, let’s come together…

David Attenborough presents a documentary series exploring how animals meet the challenges of surviving in the most iconic habitats on earth.

Planet Earth II is a 2016 British 6-part nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, which was broadcast in 2006. It took 3 years to make, they shot in 40 countries and had a 117 filming locations around the world. Executive produced by Michael Gunton (Hidden Kingdoms, Life), produced by Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Life) The series is presented and narrated by Sir David Attenborough with the main theme music composed by Hans Zimmer. As well as the series’ original music written by Jacob Shea (Through the Wormhole, Sparks) and Jasha Klebe (Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom) for the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop. A joint venture between Extreme Music and Hans Zimmer’s RCI Global created to build a world-class Zimmer approved TV-focused roster.

Hans Zimmer “We have some of the greatest action scenes ever put on film.” (02:48) 

Incredible behind-the-scenes 360 degree look at the recording of BBC Earth’s Planet Earth II score created by our bleeding fingers music team at AIR Studios in London. Best enjoyed on your smartphone or tablet with headphones- prepare to be amazed. Watch right here! Immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Planet Earth II (02:15)

The first trailer was released on 9 October 2016, and the series premiered on November 6th 2016 in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Nordics on BBC One and BBC One HD. For those of you in the states, it will premiere on Saturday, January 28th on BBC America. Planet Earth II is the first television series produced by the BBC in Ultra-high-definition (4K).  A-One-To-Watch!

Planet Earth II: Official Extended Trailer – BBC Earth (2:46)


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