12 years ago

Ridley Scott’s son pays homage to ‘Blade Runner.’ (VIDEO) 

On May 24th I was invited by good friend Damiano Vukotic to the screening of Luke Scott’s (son of Ridley Scott and nephew of Tony Scott) new short film ‘Loom’ at the Soho Hotel in London. I felt like writing something then but there where no trailers, clips or stills available. I am pleased with the fact that Luke put the whole short online last Tuesday. It features Giovanni RibisiJellybean Howie and the ever brilliant Polish cinematographer Dariusz Wolski. Dariusz does a gorgeous job on it. Luke takes us to a bio-technology like future of a food production facility. With obvious links to his father’s “Blade Runner,” Loom takes you through themes like corporate corruption, love, loneliness. And with an epic atmospheric score the film will just simply take you away for 20min. RED Digital Cameras approached Luke with the question of he could help them showcase their prototype REDRAY 3D laser player (projector) and RED epic camera. The result is simply visually stunning and definitely has potential to be more. RED Cameras did put the full resolution version of the video on their forum for free to download. Or you can watch it in 720p right here. (Youtube). Enjoy!