8 years ago

Are we better off than we think?

The average person today is smarter, richer, healthier, safer and happier than ever before.

Are we better off than we think? Hans Rosling is a Swedish statistician, which rose to international status after his 2006 TED.

Despite global inequalities, most of the world is better off than you think – and better off than it has ever been before.

“By sharing things that are positive, we can make a tangible, positive impact.” Paul Polizzotto. 

Watch Hans Rosling explain why on UK’s Nov 23, 2015 Channel 4 program – 2,9 million Views Facebook Live

“You need more than the media to grasp the World” – Hans Rosling.

Also watch Hans Rosling on Danish TV, Deadline, DR2 where he explains to not use news media to understand the world. Hans Rosling describes the fact that the contemporary media focuses too much on the daily incidents, not providing us with enough positive trends and facts:

One of the most important graphs. Ever: Maternal MortalityGlobal Hunger Index 2015: Inside the Report here. The remarkable decline in under-five mortality since 2000 has saved the lives of 48 million children under age five. (childmortality.org)

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Dutch readers only: Ralf Bodelier’s Essay. Tijd voor beter nieuws. Niemand wil nog ruilen met Rockefeller. Lees hier. 

Photo credit: Channel 4.