8 years ago

“A journey into the original heart of darkness.”

There was an crude image that resurfaced this week again with a shocking static. The visualisation was published in a Gizmodo article in 10/17/12 and made by Karl from Wurstball.de – Title: Which Dictator Killed the Most People? I found myself knowing only a bit about the dictators: Mariam, Pasha, Tojo, Gowon, and the second King of the Belgians, Leopold II (9 April 1835 – 17 December 1909) whom founded and exploited with brutal European colonialism – the Congo Free State. History lesson time in this shocking, astonishing and horrifying prelude in European history to the Holocaust. ….Peter Bate’s 2003 – “White King, Red Rubber, Black Death” – WATCH FULL DOC HERE! More about Nigeria’s military civil war ruler General Yakubu Gowon (VIDEO)Mengistu Haile Mariam (VIDEO)an Ethiopian politician who was the most prominent officer of the Derg, and a Communist military junta that governed Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987, the Cambodian communist revolutionary leader Pol Pot (VIDEO), Ismail Enver Pasha (VIDEO)the Ottoman military officer, leader of the Young Turk Revolution and main leader of the Ottoman Empire in both Balkan Wars and World War I. And Hideki Tojo (VIDEO) (VIDEO),general of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), the leader of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, and the 40th Prime Minister of Japan during most of World War II, from October 17, 1941 to July 22, 1944.