6 years ago

All the other candidates say “Americans are angry, and I understand.” Trump says, “I’M angry.“

One tweet that explains why Donald Trump is winning..

“As yet another Republican debate was winding down, the Atlantic’s fantastic political reporter Molly Ball made a really smart observation on Twitter.” (See quote above – VOX) 

Why it’s important and why we should care now. Now that Trump is running for president, and it looks like he will win, it is time for the us to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. 

The old Trump and the new Trump? They’re the same Trump.

  • Directed By Libby Handros 
  • Written By jesse kornbluth 
  • Produced By libby handros. 

The film was commissioned in 1988 by Leonard Stern as the first of a series on celebrity businessmen and finished in 1991. Back then, the only way for a film to be seen was on television or in the theater. Donald threatened to sue any broadcaster or distributor that took on the film. In effect, it was suppressed. It was screened twice in back-to-back standing room only showings at the Bridgehampton Community House on July 3, 1991, the same day that Donald announced his engagement Marla Maples.

Photo credit: Trump Film. And Please donate to the film makers here.