10 years ago

DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana 5: San Francisco

A rally car burned some serious rubber on the streets of San Francisco, for a viral video posted on YouTube Monday July 9th. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had already been viewed more than four million times. And as of Wednesday eight million times. Rally race car driver Ken Block said he took inspiration from Steve McQueen’s famous chase scene in the movie, “Bullitt.” (VIDEO) “The chase scene in “Bullitt” is one of the most iconic chase scenes in all of the genre of chase scenes for cars,” said Block. “So it’s definitely something I took as an influence. Filming took four days of shooting.The city’s take: one million dollars for what is essentially a 10-minute commercial for skateboard shoes, which are seen for about 20 seconds. All on to the next viral what we will all forget about in 2 weeks from now!  Watch-like-share.