6 years ago

Direct Changeover – AskTheRightQuestion.org

With an almost perfect repetitive dramatic score from French composer Georges Delerue (VIDEO) comes the announcement that my personal nonprofit blog called AskTheRightQuestion.org will be having a direct changeover in communication. Systems fail and therefore change, no? There’s no time to mourn and concern because I am implementing a great Andrew Sullivan’s – ’The Dish’ like system. Meaning? I simply pass an Article, Feature Film, Documentary, Piece of score, Video etc. with a small text your way….See it as an authentic sharing=caring basis all over again. This from a Blog with predominately self written researched articles to indeed a more daily drop box of inspirational content: “a bastion of daily content to provide you comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable World sort to say.” Why? Old cliche but simply true: Time! I unfortunately don’t have enough anymore to loose myself in my favourite weekend passing time of doing hours of research to write factual articles like: ‘Silicon Valley’,‘Germany’s sustainable growth’, Searching for Sugar Man’A Social Genocide’‘John Pilger’, ‘Alone together’, ‘Maya’‘The Story of Oil’‘Resonance’, ‘Tax Havens’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Manufactured landscapes’, ‘Weapons’, ‘Poverty’, ‘The Blue Marble’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘Power of logos’, ‘Shark Week’. ENJOY!! If you want to have to you have this ‘daily content’ passing through your Facebook newsfeed like HERE