7 years ago

Ever notice an earthy smell in the air after a light rain?

On January 14, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published a fascinating study and High-speed video —- WATCH HERE—- that captured how rainfall can release aerosols into the environment, spreading aromatic elements, as well as bacteria and viruses, stored in soil. The study and high speed video shows that we just don’t know all the sources for aerosols, and other climate mechanisms that eventually affect our climate in general (Climate forcings). Publishment journal Nature Communications here. Learn more here: MIT NEWS. Youngsoo Joung (Ph.D,Mechanical Engineering, MIT) said: “Until now, people didn’t know that aerosols could be generated from raindrops on soil. This finding should be a good reference for future work, illuminating microbes and chemicals existing inside soil and other natural materials, and how they can be delivered in the environment, and possibly to humans.” Photo Credit: Youngsoo Joung, Attribution 3.0 United States (CC BY 3.0 US). Video: Melanie Gonick/MIT (high-speed footage courtesy of Youngsoo Joung). Sharing=caring.