8 years ago

“Fail Early, Fail Often.”

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich says, “Screw-ups are an essential part of making something good. That’s why our goal is to screw up as fast as possible.” It’s pretty much a mantra at Pixar that every story starts off rubbish — READ MORE—. Have a look the a the brilliant 2007 released Doc. by Leslie Iwerks called ‘The Pixar Story’WATCH HERE & WATCH HERE —–how a little start-up company turned Hollywood on its ear? This feature documentary traces the story of the meteoric rise of Pixar Animation Studios as the pioneer and leader in the computer animation industry, tracing their Academy Award winning short films through Toy Story up to Cars. It features legends likeTim Allen – Actor, voiced Buzz Lightyear, Brad Bird – Director Edwin Catmull – First Chief Technical Officer, Billy Crystal – Actor, voiced Mike in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, Michael Eisner – ex-CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Tom Hanks – Actor, voiced Sheriff Woody, Bob Iger – CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Steve Jobs – Principal Investor & co-founder of Pixar John Lasseter – Pixar co-founder & visionary George Lucas – Owner of Lucasfilm, Pixar’s original foundation. Photo Credit: Tom Arthur via Flickr – Walt Disney World, Pixar Studios – Date: 25 July 2008 – Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic – CC BY-SA 2.0. Enjoy!