7 years ago

Greenpeace Was Nailing VW Years Before 

The 14th largest company in the world (Forbes), Volkwagen group, has been global news the last 6 days since it turned out that millions of its diesel engines have been emitting vast, prohibited amounts of polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx).

  • At higher temperatures, the nitrogen in the air starts to combine with oxygen to form NOx; and this process starts to run away exponentially as the temperature climbs through 1,100°C. NOx is really bad for people, both on its own and because it causes the formation of ozone (O3: highly desirable high up in the sky to ward off ultraviolet from the sun but poisonous when breathed). NOx also causes acid rain. 

A guy in WV takes down VW on a test commissioned by a guy named German. Some things were just meant to be.

Already in June 2011 Greenpeace released a video likening VW to the Evil Empire of Star Wars fame. (WATCH HERE) Which is a spoof to the 2011 VW’s superbowl spot (WATCH HERE) 

  • “All is not lost. We feel the good in Volkswagen. Help us turn VW away from the Dark Side.” 

Greenpeace has for years actively campaigned against Volkswagen and these days it’s looking to have been quite insightful. Photo credit: Greenpeace. 

Yes! I want cleaner cars 

Europe has a unique chance to reduce the world’s hunger for oil. 

We want European politicians to vote in the coming weeks to reduce pollution from new cars by:

  • Supporting car efficiency targets of at least 95g CO2/km by 2020 without any loopholes like super-credits or time delays
  • Supporting challenging 2025 car efficiency targets that ensure carmakers mass produce the ultra-low carbon vehicles we need 

Sign the petition to join the thousands who believe in cutting new car pollution.