6 years ago

“He was cable, when cable wasn’t cool.”

American media mogul and philanthropist “Mouth of the South”, Cincinnati born, Ted Turner is mostly known as the founder of the American basic cable and satellite television CNN, the first ever 24-hour news network. And was the first all-news television channel in the United States. As per June 2006, CNN International is also the leading international news channel in terms of viewer reach (brandrepulic) 

The network launched on Sunday, June 1, 1980 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time  – CNN LAUNCHED 1980 – YOUTUBE

The "Mouth of the South” is no longer as he devotes his time (and $2.2 billion) to the U.N., America’s 2nd largest private landowner, re-popularizes bison meat (for his Ted’s Montana Grill chain), jets between 28 homes and four girlfriends, 5 children and misses Jane Fonda… Turner is currently of age 76, and as we all know, was pushed out of his own company. 

But the question remains, Will CNN founder Ted Turner ever get over getting pushed out of his own company? “No,” he tells Christiane Amanpour, “I live with it.”

  • British-Iranian journalist and television host Christiane Amanpour did a great interview with him on July 31, 2015 – WATCH HERE (CNN) (YOUTUBE). 

Learn more about the network and the man who build a network that has 45 editorial operations, 4,000 employees around the world, and is available to more than 2 billion people in more than 200 countries. And a network that also went through it’s controversies, where in April 2008, Turner himself criticised the direction that CNN has taken. People like Jon Stewart (‘You’re The Last Guy Out Of A Burning Building’ – VIDEO) have echoed that criticism, especially in light of CNN’s ratings declines since the late 2000s.


One-to-watch!  Photo credit: CNN