3 years ago

Inside Obama’s White House

“Hitherto unrevealed conversation at the heart of the US government brought to light in a fascinating new series.”

Directors Paul Mitchell, Sarah Wallis, Delphine Jaudeau, Mick Gold, Producer Norma Percy and Executive Producer Brian Lapping from UK’s acclaimed independent documentary production company Brook Lapping Productions (More) got incredible unprecedented access to the US president, his inner circle and his political rivals in making a sheer brilliant four-part BBC Two Documentary series: “Inside Obama’s White House.” 

The series tells the story of how Barack Obama tried to reshape the United States and the cost to himself, his party and the nation.

For millions, the election of Barack Obama marked a new era of hope. This four-part series tells the story of how he tried to reshape America as told by his inner circle – and the president himself.

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  1. 100 Days – Episode 1 of 4. Obama promises to close Guantanamo within a year – and it is still open.
  2. Obamacare – Episode 2 of 4. The story of Obama’s greatest legacy: healthcare.
  3. Don’t Screw It Up – Episode 3 of 4. End George Bush’s wars in the Middle East and reset relations with the rest of the world.
  4. The Arc of History – Episode 4 of 4. How Obama got re-elected for a second term and tried to tackle America’s most intractable social problems – guns, immigration and race.

‘The manner in which deals were done, compromises battered out, backs scratched, was as absorbing as any episode of The West Wing.’ The Guardian

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