8 years ago

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough." 

If you haven’t seen Christian Frei’s 2002 Oscar Nominated ‘War Photographer’ documentary yet I would recommend taking time to order the DVD or watch it online the coming days. Swiss director Christian Frei followed War Photographer James Nachtwey for over more then two years into the wars in Indonesia, Kosovo and Palestine. Frei used special micro-cameras attached to James Nachtwey’s photo-camera which will provide a unique perfective of Nachtwey ‘on the job’.’ Nachtwey is considered by many the greatest war photographer ever. The film is brutal and confronting in it’s story telling, but it’s overall impact is significantly uplifting. You will end up admiring Nachtway for his goals, his work (astonishing photography) but most of all his passion and dedication. The possibility of a normal life is out the question and that’s Nachtwey’s main conflict. He really has given everything to the job…..The interviews with the brilliant Christiane Amanpour (CNN), the dry Hans-Hermann Klare (STERN) and loveable Christiane Breustedt (GEO SAISON) are very moving. TED presents: (VIDEO) For over more of a career three decades, Nachtwey has devoted himself to documenting wars, conflicts and critical social issues, working in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Russia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Romania, Brazil and the United States. Nachtwey has been a contract photographer with Time since 1984. However, when certain stories he wanted to cover — such as Romanian orphanages and famine in Somalia — garnered no interest from magazines, he self-financed trips there. He is known for getting up close to his subjects, or as he says, “in the same intimate space that the subjects inhabit,” and he passes that sense of closeness on to the viewer. In putting himself in the middle of conflict, his intention is to record the truth, to document the struggles of humanity, and with this, to wake people up and stir them to action.Nachtwey’s work here.  A-one-to-watch! FULL DOC HERE…Order here and here.