9 years ago

“In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”

Dutch DJ, Producer Matthew Dekay (soundcloud) and British DJ, producer Lee Burridge (soundcloud) both went through a musical metamorphosis with many styles and sounds and found themselves back into a Berlin deep/tech underground sound. They smartly decided to take their new music collaboration and friendship to the next step, starting a Berlin based Tech House label together in 2011 called ‘All Day I dream’. Which currently has artists like Audiofly, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and Pantha Du Prince. ‘All Day I Dream’ began with a series of four daytime parties on a rooftop in Brooklyn NYC (VIDEO), in the summer of 2011. By October 2011, “All Day I Dream 001”, with the brilliant Gemini Spell track and Sunrise BCN which were both released on vinyl and digitally. “All Day I Dream 002” with Holding Onfollowed shortly after with the track “Für Die Liebe” (Soundcloud – Dub) (music video), a song which would later go on to become one of the biggest records at infamous Burning Man festival. “Für Die Liebe” in all regards has to be my favourite release so far of this exciting relative new Berlin label. The deep atmospheric, full string summer, mathematical composed track is simply unmatching: “It’s Beauty and Simplicity in a perfect balance”. Because of the fact that Âme and Dixon from the Berlin Innervision label (soundcloud) had been playing almost every production by Matthew and Lee’s label, they decided to release the“Lost In A Moment” track under Innervisions IV38. “Lost In A Moment” is a true Goosebump production with a strong Vangelis influence (soundcloud) (Dixon Remix). A second label, ’Get Weird’, which was launched in June 2012, provides Matthew and Lee with an avenue to release the quirkier, late night sounds that they enjoy. The pair also have plans to extend their ‘All Day I Dream’ parties further abroad, with a European debut set to take place during the summer of 2013. The “All Day I Dream Label is a true asset to the already multi-talented Berlin soundscape and is simply worth a ‘Global booking’ if you feel like having a daytime party this summer…..LIKE! A-One-to-Follow! Listen here to Burridge’s 2011 All Day I Dream of Her mix (photo credit by All Day I Dream)