10 years ago

Inside Apple (Foxconn). 

ABC aired it’s 18min. Nightline Special Edtion on February 21st about Foxconn factories producing Apple products. In an unprecedented move, Apple decided to grant the network’s “Nightline” program full access to its Chinese supply chain, so correspondent Bill Weir traveled to Shenzhen, China to look at “iFactories,” as ABC dubbed them. Just so you know the Disney Corporation owns the ABC News network. The fact that the Steve Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest individual shareholder, coupled with Disney CEO Bob Iger now having a seat on Apple’s board of directors, certainly helped win the official approval from Apple. It also raises questions on a possible conflict of interest with this report. Have a look at the report and decide for yourselves! Click here for TED Talk from head of the Fair Labor Association Auret van Heerden. The FLA Website states that the Foxconn report of findings from the investigation will be available at fairlabor.org in March.