9 years ago

“Know thyself." (Video) 

Filmireland.net presented the in Dec 2, 2013 Vimeo video-essay from Steven Benedict. It is a piece that you can simply watch over and over. Steven’s simply brilliant essay examines the films of director Martin Scorsese. Beginning with his early breakthrough works, Mean Streets and Taxi Driver and taking in Goodfellas and The Age of Innocence, before examining his more recent titles Shutter Island and Hugo. It examines the manner in which Scorsese uses the art of cinema as a means of personal expression. The essay explores the various ways he pulls the audience into the minds of his characters so that we feel what they feel. Working across a wide variety of genres; gangster, musical, comedy, biopic, documentary and concert film, Scorsese is constantly seeking ways to expand the art of cinema and it is through that expansion that Scorsese explores his greatest recurring theme. Steven ends with one of my personal favourite Scorsese quote: That’s what we all our doing in this life. We are all here in that process of discovery. It’s basically the classic search: ‘Know thyself’ wherever it takes us. If we can make it. Maybe that’s what’s its all about.“ WATCH more video-essay’s of the great Steven Benedict here: Analysis of Blade Runner (VIMEO), The Passions and Techniques of Steven Spielberg (VIMEO), Analysis of Inception (VIMEO)the analysis of The Silence of the Lambs (VIMEO), Analysis of Alien (VIMEO).