12 years ago

KONY 2012. 

With already 14.5 Million views (20-02-2012) on Vimeo, 50 million views in 150 countries on Youtube (05-03-2012) trending topic the last 24 hours with hashtags like #stopkony, #Uganda and #Invisiblechildren. And at press time nearly 250,000 Facebook likes. It looks like American Documentarian Jason Russell, Digitaria and team are getting their message spread. Joseph Kony is not exactly a household name. Actually few rebel leaders in Africa are. But this filmmaker is determined to raise Kony’s profile, for the express purpose of bringing him to justice. Filmmaker Russell founded Invisible Children in 2006. The organization uses storytelling to inform and galvanize. All I can say is I’m overwhelmed by the success….WOW… finally a global collectiveness to reach a beautiful goal through all social media platforms.To get yourself involved in the mission to make Kony a household name and a priority of the U.S. government to capture him is to “Sign the Plege”, get the Advocay kit, or donate and share this movie. Some critical side notes: possible storyline for invasion US military into AfricaPolly Curtis and Tom McCarthyBBB.org, Rosebell KagumireGrant Oyston, Max ReadMichael DeibertMusa Okwonga Tory Shepherd and John Pilger.