8 years ago

“Light. Light I think is knowledge. Knowledge is love. Love is freedom. Freedom is energy. Energy is all. Without light, we can’t have images.”

This beautiful quote came from Three-Time Oscar-Winning, Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. Mr. Storaro said this in the 2006, Jon Fauer made “Cinematographer Style” documentary (TRAILER) (DVD) (Writing with Light : Vittorio Storaro – FULL DOC) (Book+DVD). All of the film awards season, (Gotham Awards – Nov. 2014-Feb2015, has led up to the 87th Academy Awards on February 22nd 2015. The Oscar nominations were announced on Thursday morning in Los Angeles (full list) (continuation of livestream). Who of the following brilliant Films will win the most recognized trophy in the world? Nominations (by movie): “Birdman” – 9 “The Grand Budapest Hotel” – 9 “The Imitation Game” – 8 “Boyhood” – 6 “American Sniper” – 6 “Whiplash” – 5 “Interstellar” – 5 “Foxcatcher” – 5.. My personal favourite category has always been: CINEMATOGRAPHY (ASC) (SOC): “A photographer is literally someone drawing with light” (TRAILER)“Don’t just be interested in movies. Be interested in life. Be a person. Be in touch.” (Article)Variety’s 10 Cinematographers to Watch…… Will it be Emmanuel Lubezki (Oscar win for Gravity) (Children of Men) for – “Birdman”?, Robert D. Yeoman (Moonrise Kingdom) (The Royal Tenenbaums) for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”?, Lukasz Zal (Joanna)and Ryszard Lenczewski (Bride of War)for “Ida”?, Dick Pope (The Illusionist) for “Mr. Turner”? or legend and 12x Oscar nominated Roger Deakins? (DEAKINS: Shadows In The Valley – VIDEO).And it’s probably of no surprise that I have another VIDEO link for you to click on. This time it’s an epic 3min. supercut from Editor Jacob T. Swinney, who elegantly put together all of 2014’s best Cinematography —- VIDEO HERE-— scored with Sugar Storm, a great Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score. Check it out folks – Only with HEADSET. Photo Credit: Jacob T. Swinney. Here some essentials for the devoted out there: Cinematographer Style – DVDVisions of Light: The Art of Cinematography – DVD4 February 2001, Interview by Stephen Burum, ASC and Stephen Pizzello – A Clash of Two Cultures – PDF, Top 10 Most Influential Cinematographers Voted on by Camera Guild – PDF, Light and Shadow – Greatest Cinematographers of the World, Interviewed – VIDEOJames Wong Howe: Cinematographer – VIDEOIn The Mood for Doyle – VIDEOCinéma Cinémas – Stanley Cortez ASC – 1984 – VIDEOCameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff – VIDEO (DVD)Greg Carson’s documentary about the work of cinematographer Sven Nykvist – VIDEOEnjoy!