7 years ago

“Making it in America.” (Short film) 

As Director Eliot Rausch put it yesterday on his twitter: “A powerful reality and reminder for our generation." Indeed, again a powerful documentary instalment coming from the I Am Los Angeles series. This time in close collaboration with American Apparel. The Film follows the story Alma Velasco, an Salvadoran immigrant who fled to the United States (California) as a teenager. Alma, born in an El Salvadorian civil war, which first broke out in 1979, and lasted for almost 13 years. Alma’s mother made the difficult decision to send Alma to cross the border into the United States. This controversial decision was made by a lot of El Salvadoran parents at the time; and some still take this risk today because of the conditions that continue in El Salvador, many years after the war officially ended in 1992. The film gives you a strong pure insight in her daily life. Alma is a strong woman with a very clear view on life and she will reminds us again of how we privileged we really are in Western Europe. Making it in America has been made by the Talented dutch, LA based and good friend Director Joris Debeij. More from the I Am Los Angeles here. And I Am Berlin here.