8 years ago

“Ocean acidification is probably the most important issue on the planet today!" 

This quote comes canadian director Rob Stewart. The man who brought us Sharkwater. A-one-to-watch here. Dr Katharina Fabricius, one of the world’s most leading principal research scientists in Coral Reef Ecology says that it really is the largest environmental issue threatening the world today. This because Oceans regulate climate, atmospheric chemistry and carbon. Ocean plants called phytoplankton produce at least half of the oxygen we breathe. Since the Industrial Revolution, massive quantities of carbon dioxide pollution and carbonic acid have been released into the atmosphere and are absorbed by oceans, lowering the PH level of the sea, making the water acidic, which in turn dissolves the shells of marine organisms. The impact on coral reefs, needed by species for spawning, homes for their offspring and feeding, could create a mass extinction. Actually most of the previous mass extinct events of which there were 5 (History in 10min) (WIKI) (BBC), can be directly attributable to ocean acidification events. We need to reduce our carbon footprint as of today and pressure our government to create strict emissions laws. What astonishes me is that video above has a total of 98 Youtube views and that the 2013 Research Roundtable Public Event has a total of 69 Youtube views (VIDEO). It really is time for us a species to start coming together and make a proper change. There’s no excuse to not take action. I really do hope American author Daniel Pinchbeck is right! (VIDEO). If we don’t start focusing NOW on the things at hand instead, this with starting educating the masses and protecting your own future and your children’s we are going to face a lof of problems in this Century. But no we are too busy the last two days with Grammy performances filled with old rockers that we actually need right now to start writing some songs with political and awareness to ‘attend’ today’s problems, just like in the 70’s, or the youth is pointlessly focusing on twittering on red carpet moments or Bieber ‘arrest’ mania or about pointless celebrity TV stars, celebrities or celebrity chef cooks?? Where are you mainstream media! SPREAD THE WORD. Easy right? In today’s information age you can change our current culture, you can change public policy. If you understand the argument, forward, share, discuss etc. Just a few mouse clicks away… MORE: Rob Stewart’s 2nd film Revolution (trailer), How to Start a Revolution (Youtube), Climate Change (Youtube), Overfishing (Youtube), Deforestation (Youtube), International Year of Forests (Article), Adam Wakeling’s documentary Up in Smoke (ARTICLE), Important article ‘Instant Planetary Emergency’ by TheNation herehere to start reducing your individual carbon footprint, educators go hereYann Arthus-Bertrand’s 2009 ‘HOME’ here and here for an old article I wrote a year ago about Edward Burtynsky’s 2006 Manufactured Landscapes doc.