9 years ago

“Rhinos and elephants are also capable of very social, tender exchanges.”

Have a look at the Season 2 Ep. 4 of the VICE HBO (Produced by Bill Maher) documentary special “White Gold” (correspondent: Vikram Gandhi) (HBO ON DEMAND) (Debrief) (Extended)  Believed to cure a spectrum of ailments from colds to cancers, rhino horn has been coveted in Eastern medicine for centuries. Over the past seven years, killings have increased 5,000%. Vikram Gandhi traces the trade from Southern Africa to Vietnam to understand this illicit phenomenon. Vikram Gandhi visited Africa where rhinos are being poached for their horns, and to Vietnam to see where the demand for it is coming from. Be aware of the fact that is Rhino horns are composed largely of the protein keratin, also the chief component in hair, fingernails, and animal hooves (PBS). BBC "Rhinos and elephants have a range of remarkable behaviours and adaptations, many of which we are only just learning.“ The behaviour, captured by filmmakers for BBC AFRICA, is one of a number of once secret activities undertaken by some of the largest land animals of all – Africa Black Rhinos – Watch BBC’s Africa here...Get Involved here!Watch the Emmy Awarded best informational series on HBO OnDemand here….