11 years ago

Ridley Scott.

The first reviews are pouring in after the premiere and European release last Thursday in London. They are mixed and fairly negative in regards to the storyline and character depth of Scott’s 30 years in the making film Prometheus. Instead of the original Alien writers Scott chose two fairly young, inexperienced American writer Jon Spaihts, and a what more commercially successful sci-fi writer Damon Lindelof. (Read more). I have to say that above all everyone agrees on that the film looks spectacular, the overall production design is absolutely brilliant. And with cinematographer Dariusz Wolski on his side beautifully realized. Scott’s first film The Duellists (1977) was based on a novella by Joseph Conrad, a costume drama about the obsessive rivalry between two cavalry officers in the Napoleonic wars. It was well directed and positively received by the critics. His second film, Alien, two years later made him a Director of world stature. It was, however, his third film Blade Runner in 1982 which became one of my own personal favorites. When I saw the film at age 15 I knew that I wanted to work in film myself. The astonishing superlative eye of Scott was a direct inspiration to me. Watch the 2001 Alien Evolution documentary above.