8 years ago

“That’s what we all are doing in this life, we are all here in that process of discovery. It’s basically the classic search: ‘Know thyself’ and wherever it takes us if we can make it. Maybe that’s what’s its all about.”

For truly one of the most timeless, stylistic and emotional videocasts about the career of one of the most important artists of the last 100 years”  Director Martin Charles Scorsese, born November 17th, 1942 in Queens, New York, is the December 2nd, 2013 published video essay called  The Journeys of Martin Scorsese – VIMEO by Steven Benedict, an Irish author and broadcaster: 

  • The Journeys of Martin Scorsese, is a short video-essay examining Martin Scorsese’s films. It shows how Scorsese has used cinema’s grammar and vocabulary to expand its expressive force. Irrespective of the many genres within which he has worked, Scorsese harnesses such disciplines as colour, black & white, aspect-ratios, tracking shots, slow-motion, freeze-frame and whip-pans, not to mention voice-over, music and jump-cuts to fully realise cinema’s expressive force. Scorsese uses these to present his one overriding theme. 


  • The Passions and Techniques of Steven Spielberg – VIMEO

For more brilliant videocasts from Benedict go here.


And for the film buffs, read Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scorsese’s screenplay for Goodfellas: PDF1 PDF2. Photo credit: flickr.com, Gonzague Petit Trabal, creativecommons, Public Domain Mark 1.0 A-One-to-Watch!