8 years ago

The Howard Hughes of the comic-book world. 

British talk show host and long time fan of Ditko’s work Jonathan Ross, attempts to track down reclusive comic book artist Steve Ditko (87) best known as the co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange for Marvel Comics in the early 1960s in BBC doc called ‘In Search of Steve Ditko’. 

In a small, rather run-down office in Manhattan there lives and works an elderly man of rare talent. As he approached his 80th birthday back in 2007, he still laboured in the profession to which he has given most of his life. Ditko co-created some of the most popular and commercially successful comic book characters in the history of the medium. 

In this documentary, Jonathan Ross hopes to tell his story. Or as much of it as he can, because Steve Ditko is a reluctant subject. He had never given an interview and consistently declined all offers to talk about his work.

Watch the 2007 engaging BBC Documentary about one of America’s pop culture icons here: 

This programme is not currently available on BBC iPlayer

Interviewees include the legendary Alan Moore, writer Mark Millar and comic book aficionado Paul Gambaccini. And highlights Ditko’s influence and contributions to the comic book industry. A-One-To-Watch! 

In Search of Steve Ditko was part of Comics Britannia season on the BBC. Also have a look at Armando Iannucci series which explores the history of British comics.

Comics Britannia is a three-part documentary series from BBC Four which started on 10 September 2007. It was then repeated on BBC Two starting on 19 July 2008. I couldn’t find Episode 3, ‘X-Rated: Anarchy in the UK’ online. 


This programme is not currently available on BBC iPlayer. 

Photo credit: John Riordan – © BBC