10 years ago

The Opposites – Sukkel Voor De Liefde (VIDEO)

Iconoclast Paris, CakeFilm Amsterdam and Sonny London Dutch Director Paul Geusebroek returns with a breathtaking new Music Video for the Dutch rap duo The Opposites (Topnotch).This with their single ’Sukkel Voor De Liefde’. The duo normally consists of the rappers Willem de Bruijn (Willy) and Twan van Steenhoven (Big2). Geusebroek specifically choose to only shoot with Willem de Bruin this in regards to the story and lyrics of the song. An Incredible smart powerful insight from the Director because Willem gives a rawness and authentic ‘tour de force’ à la French actor Tahar Rahim performance in this only 3min. Pièce de résistanceToday was announced that Willem also got his a first leading roll in the new season of the Dutch Public Broadcaster BNN’s series ‘Van God Los’. A-One-to-follow! By shooting for 4 days, quite unique for a Dutch Music Video, they were able to truly transcend the lyrics of the song into an intense, rough and authentic powerful storytelling video. The idea behind the video is to show the principal character reacting to the end of a love relationship. Dutch wunderkind Director Geusebroek known from the Vimeo Viral hits Precinct 5 x Nike Destroyer (VIDEO) and Nike Stadium & Pigalle – Goutte d’Or (VIDEO) shows us again that he is a true master of capturing the street styles of urban city life. Partner in crime, Director of Photography Menno Mans (TheBirds) bravely and innovatively crafts the shots. Mans, is truly an exciting master of the new Dutch school of NFTA Cinematographers. Editor Brian Ent (Kapsalon), known from the brilliant short film Short Plank (2009), Black Out (2012) and the exciting 2nd. screen Feature film APP (2013shows us again that he can hardcut like ‘riding a bike’ on the Amsterdam canals. Perfectly zigzagging through storyline and on-beat music Ent cuts through the given images and takes this specific video to a true International level. Because of the explicit images, the Music Video will not be public accessible and has a 18 + age limit on Vevo. And that’s why we love VIMEO!! Geusebroek felt that the images where needed for the video and I totally agree “I didn’t feel making a classic music video where you see the all the band members keep coming back in the shots”. My reply button is on fire! WATCH HERE!! Nice Cameo Lukas!! Love you man! Hulde to the incredible exciting new school of young crew members as well out of the Netherlands… Can’t wait for the next project! De EP can be listened at Spotify and iTunes. Album Slapeloze Nachten will be released on May 10th.