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Matt Damon MIT Commencement Address

“Turn toward the problems you see.”

Said actor and filmmaker Matt Damon at yesterday’s 2016 MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commencement. Matt Damon urged MIT grads to ‘turn toward’ world’s problems. 

It’s been almost 20 years since Matt Damon’s breakout role in ‘Good Will Hunting’ and now he’s back at MIT. Saying ‘I’m not running for office’, he slams Donald Trump, the media and bankers.


Damon continues: 

Go ahead: take your pick from the world’s worst buffet.

Economic inequality, there’s a problem … Or how about the refugee crisis, massive global insecurity … climate change and pandemics … institutional racism … a pull to nativism, fear-driven brains working overtime … here in America and in places like Austria, where a far-right candidate nearly won the presidential election for the first time since World War II.

Or Brexit, for God’s sakes, that insane idea that the best path for Britain is to cut loose from Europe and drift out to sea. Add to that an American political system that’s failing… we’ve got congressmen on a two-year election cycle who are only incentivized to think short term, and simply do not engage with long-term problems.

Add to that a media that thrives on scandal and people with their pants down … Anything to get you to tune in so they can hawk you products that you don’t need.

And add to that a banking system that steals people’s money.

Like I said, I’m never running for office!

But while I’m on this, let me say this to the bankers who brought you the biggest heist in history: It was theft and you knew it. It was fraud and you knew it.

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Photo Credit: Dominick Reuter/MIT.