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Uncovering the Truth. 

Pigs are believed to be as intelligent as 3-year-old children and at least as intelligent as dogs, capable of learning hand signals corresponding to words, and understanding complex relationships. (Source)

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has advocated for a number of worthy causes, from fighting climate change to the importance of conservation. Now, with a single tweet, the Actor and Environmentalist shines a light on the colossal environmental impact of animal agriculture.

In his tweet, DiCaprio included a link to a stunning video from Mercy For Animals, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals, and promoting compassionate food choices and policies.

The 4min. awe-inspiring video, grandeur of our living, breathing planet Earth as well as its incredibly vast biodiversity was edited by Zeezee Branson (works at VEGAN), and on released on Facebook on December 29, 2015. And already has a stunning 8.5 million views on Facebook. 

This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.

Watch Planet Earth’s MercyForAnimals video here. 

Go here for the already 1,8million liked Official Facebook page from MercyForAnimals. FOLLOW-SHARE! 

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Photo credit: Mercy For Animals.