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“We now live in a world with so many different opportunities and different ways of consuming film-making. We’re just glad to be a part of trying new things in that way.”

On September 2nd 2015, Berlin based, American documentary film director and producer Laura Poitras (Academy award and Pulitzer prize winner), independent filmmaker AJ Schnack and producer/writer Charlotte Cook launchedField of Vision’ – A visual journalism film and documentary initiative unit part of ‘The Intercept’. 

The Intercept was launched in 2014 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill, and is dedicated to producing fearless, adversarial journalism. Also by using a SecureDrop server for anonymous sources.  Despite their excitement over the possibilities of visual journalism, Poitras, Schnack and Cook shot down the notion that short-form film is the way of the future: 

Have a look a the the 2 great films that went online yesterday: 

“NOTES FROM THE BORDER” by Iva Radivojevic (9 min.) Iva Radivojevic’s Notes from the Border documents the refugee crisis on the borders of Europe during the summer of 2015 through the tale of one man’s journey to the continent.

“GOD IS AN ARTIST” by Dustin Guy Defa (11 min.) In the wake of Shepard Fairey’s arrest for vandalism, Dustin Guy Defa explores graffiti and street art in contemporary Detroit. What is vandalism? And how will the city define itself going forward

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Both-To-Watch! And One-to-Follow! 

Photo credit: Field of Vision