12 years ago

Werner Herzog – On Death Row

Werner Herzog (1942) is one of Germany’s most famous and most lauded film auteurs, and the éminence grise of the documentary world. He has been making films and documentaries since the early 1960s and he has built up an astonishingly impressive oeuvre. With the fact that The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world, Herzog created a four-part companion television series called On Death Row. And was produced exclusively for Investigation Discovery. The series even inspired Herzog to direct a feature length Documentary called Into the Abyss (Trailer) (Full Film). Herzog points out from the start that he’s opposed to the death penalty and quietly and expertly, without recourse to emotional grandstanding shine’s the spotlight on the American prison system. Opposed or not after watching Herzogs interviews your perception of the death penalty will be changed forever. Click here for the James BarnesHank Skinner and here for the Joseph Garcia and George Rivas (Texas Seven) interviews. Unfortunately the Linda Carty interview is not online. Simply Mind-blowing! Watch-Like-Share. WATCH From One Second To The Next – Texting While Driving Documentary here