11 years ago

“What would you do if the world would disappear tomorrow in the apocalypse?” And Luther said, “Today, I would plant an apple tree.”

That’s a qoute from the German professor of theology Martin Luther. It was used in the lastest interview from The Talks with German filmmaker Werner Herzog. Read full interview hereThe Talks is a weekly updated online interview magazine that has crisp, probing Q&A’s featuring the Crème de la Crème of people that work in the fields of Art, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music and Sports. Over the past decade its founders Johannes Bonke and Sven Schumann both based in Berlin have met with cultural figures of all kinds. New talks take place while traveling throughout the year. This is basically the essence of the online magazine. That’s it folks….nothing more to it. And I am loving it! Join the weekly Wednesday newsletter here on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe here