7 years ago

“Why sharks should not own sport” 

Watch the INTERNATIONAL ZEMBLA (TRAILER) truly shocking documentary of a brilliant report by a South African investigative journalist Craig Tanner on the underexposed shadow side of FIFA World Cup in Brazil and South Africa. 

FIFA runs top sales and profits in the last World Cup in South Africa and Brazil and is expected to match that with the upcoming World Championships. While the organising countries are forced to put a lot of money in stadiums and other facilities for the football fans. FIFA promises those countries in return a revival of tourism and the local economy. But according to the population is a “bloodthirsty club that is draining their land” 

One of the main opinions raised during the documentary is that South Africans and Brazilians in general will not benefit from the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The World Cup in South Africa was before Brazil, the most profitable football tournament ever. TV rights and the contributions of the sponsors make FIFA more than 3 billion euros in revenues.

But according to Professor C. Gaffney of the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil only costs money, while the FIFA record revenues yields of over 4 billion euro: "The World Cup has 7 billion cost of which EUR 2 billion for the stadiums. So in a country with low labor costs, they build expensive stadiums, but there is no money for essential infrastructure. It is in fact a Brazilian subsidy for FIFA’s profit. ”

  • “When you build enormous stadia, you (are) shifting those resources … from building schools or hospitals and then you have these huge structures standing empty and being used to a very limited extent. They become white elephants,” anti-apartheid veteran Dennis Brutus tells in a new documentary called Fahrenheit 2010. 
  • “The tragedy is that public funds have been looted for a moment in our history. People are still going to be living in shacks, the jobs are not sustainable – this is a blatant misuse of funds,” said sociologist Ashwin Desai. 

Zembla is a Dutch television documentary programme by VARA and NPS since 1995. The documentaries are based on in-depth research. The program often deals with controversial topics: 

This documentary of Zembla was originally broadcasted on 22-10-2015. More Documentaries Zembla can be found here. Official website here

Lots of the archive footage comes from Craig Tanner ‘s Fahrenheit 2010 documentary. 

The quote “Why sharks should not own sport” comes from investigative journalist John Pilger. Read more here. Photo credit: ZEMBLA.