8 years ago

“Your Life is your Life.” 

Have a look at this instant classic Apr 20, 2011 internet released, beautifully made Animation  —WATCH HERE—- Made by Bradly Bell, a design student at Chelsea school of Art, London.  It’s German-born American poet, Charles Bukowski’s finest utopian poem; ’The Laughing Heart’Recited by no one else then Mr. Tom Waits. Bell: “I’ve interpreted Bukowski’s words through a story of an aged man reflecting on his life.” and “I just wanted to send in this short animation I made in tribute to Bukowski and a poem which I find personally inspiring; The laughing Heart. I used this poem because I feel that poetry should be explored in lots of ways and there seems to be few represented in animation.”. More of Brady’s work here. MORE: Bukowski Uncensored hereBukowski’s FB page here, Bukowski’s books here. And while you are at it listen to Woody Harrelson’s – ‘Thoughts From Within’ –WATCH HEREand Baz Luhrmann’s always brilliant ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’ –WATCH HERE– Photo Credit: Bradley Bell. Enjoy!