3 years ago

Adweek’s Power List 2016: The Top 100 Leaders in Marketing, Media and Tech.

Mark Zuckerberg leaps into lead spot

Adweek considered the profiles and results of global corporate titans, taking into account such criteria as:

  1. company value, 
  2. revenue and revenue growth, 
  3. market performance, 
  4. consumer reach and affinity, 
  5. their standing among rivals, 
  6. the number of employees overseen, 
  7. key acquisitions and partnerships, 
  8. industry accolades and 
  9. media buzz.

See who tops the 100 leaders in marketing, media and tech here

Adweek is a magazine and website that covers media news, including print, technology, advertising, branding and television.

Forbes also launched The World’s Largest Companies 2016 list:

The incredible ascent of the Chinese economy may be slowing down, but its banks still have plenty of weight to throw around.

Photo credit: Adweek/Typography: Jason Wong.