6 years ago

“All creativity comes from the unconscious.”

Said English actor, comedian John Cleese (76), known from Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. College Tour is a TV-show in the Netherlands, that interviews mostly high-profile Dutch and international guests – Interviewed in English, with Dutch subtitles.

Cleese: “It all boils down to getting in a playful and relaxed frame of mind. Nobody ever had a bright idea when they were attacking a machine-gun nest. Disruption and anxiety kill all kinds of creativity Mobiles, emails, stress are absolutely poisonous..”

Inspired by town hall meetings during United States elections, the majority of questions are asked by the audience. First episode date: December 6, 2007 Network: NPO 3, Number of seasons: 7 Number of episodes: 82 Created by: Twan Huys. Go here for more guests on the series.

Full NPO College Tour interview with John Cleese

Also watch John Cleese talk at the 2009 Creativity World Forum in Germany, here. 

Photo credit: BBC/Fawlty Towers.