9 months ago

‘Sound of Berlin’

Featuring Juan Atkins, Marc Houle, Dimitri Hegemann, Monolink and more

A journey through the capital of electronic music. ‘Sound of Berlin’ is now available since Sep 11, 2018 to stream on YouTube.

Premiered on last may, the 55-minute footage explores Germany’s capital city electronic scene evolution; starting from the reunification of the country to the iconic Love Parade and to the present days, making it a world’s top destination for techno clubbing.

Scored by Minus imprint cohort Marc Houle, the documentary features interviews with techno legends, nightlife leaders and the dance music up-and-comers, such as: Juan Atkins, Dr. Motte, Dimitri Hegemann (founder of the club Tresor), Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Monolink, Nela, Alexander Krüger, Ekaterina and FreedomB. 

Watch the documentary below. The Voice over is a bit off, but still a good time document nevertheless. 

DIRECTORS: Christian Lim, Rochdi A. Schmitt
PRODUCERS: Hermes Eck, Franziska Koch, Lozen Films
CAST: Carolina Thiele, Alexander Krüger, Dimitri Hegemann, Dr. Motte, Ekaterina Gribanova, Freedom B, Juan Atkins, Mathias Kaden, Marc Houle, Monolink, Nela, Pan-Pot, Ingo. 
PREMIERE: „Sound of Berlin“ was released on May 18, 2018 via Apple music.

Check out Sound of Berlin’s Spotify playlist by going here.

7 yrs ago, Resident advisor released a 18min short doc. called Real Scenes: Berlin 

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, techno became the underground soundtrack to the reunion between East and West. In recent years, it’s become an international destination for ravers—a cheap place to party with clubs that are renowned throughout the world. Techno has become a business in the meantime. Yet Berlin still maintains a credibility that other cities lack. To understand why, RA and Bench went to the German capital eager to find out about its unique history and the reasons behind its continued relevance.

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