7 years ago

“This book will change the overall picture of the Third Reich” 

In an extensive five-year research from acclaimed Zweibrücken born, Berlin based, German journalist Normal Ohler first’ non-fiction book, came across of some never-before- evaluated sources for his new soon-to-be-released September 10th 2015 book: 

  • Der totale Rausch: Drogen im Dritten Reich (Amazon)
  • ENGLISH: The total Noise: Drugs in the Third Reich

The results in this book will change the overall picture of Nazi Germany and its ideology said left-wing German historian Hans Mommsen in an interview recently. Despite the publicly operated (The Nazi Death Machine: Hitler’s Drugged Soldiers) (History and culture of substituted amphetamines: Military use) policy of intoxicants fighting Hitler’s blitzkrieg were made possible not only by excessive engine size, but also through the use of 35 million doses of a substance which is known as ‘crystal meth’ today. More: 

Photo Credit: Kiepenheuer&Witsch.