7 years ago

Tinder love: the huge grip technology has on our quest for love.

Countless apps and sites are specially designed with the purpose to satisfy our need for sex and intimacy and to directly realize them. But how does technology really affect the way we experience intimacy and enter into relationships? 

Tinder, OkCupid, multiple chat boxes, or the latest virtual reality porn can achieve our dream partner closer than ever. With this, our deepest desires transform our digital instant gratification. 

VPRO Backlight (Dutch: Tegenlicht) a documentary television series by Dutch public broadcasting organisation VPRO investigates:  

Is our romantic image of love that we know from Hollywood changing by the countless new ways to satisfy our desires?

Watch short 10min version here

Directed by Tomas Kaan. (Director Tomas Kaan about ‘Tinder Love’ – VIDEO) Researched by Marijntje Denters. Production: Jenny Borger. Editor: Marije Meerman, Doke Romeijn. 

VPRO is a Dutch public broadcast organisation, active in the fields of television, radio, internet and magazine publishing. Tegenlicht (‘Backlight’) is VPRO’s international 50 minute documentary program. The program focuses on our globalized world in which economies, societies and cultures are seeking a new mutual balance. More info VPRO Tegenlicht. 

Photo credit: © VPRO Tegenlicht.