11 years ago

Under African Skies

Twenty-five years after it’s Graceland‘s release Paul Simon returns to the African land with an enlightening and heartwarming Three-Time Emmy Nominated documentary called Under African Skies. Paul’s visit to South Africa in 1985 had quite some controversy around it because the South African leaders protested that Paul had broken the cultural boycott of the nation’s oppressively racist apartheid regime which ended in 1994. Besides that some of the SA artists felt they didn’t get enough royalties of the 2-time Grammy-winning Graceland album. I wonder if Paul was acting more of an American colonialist, expropriating the precious resources of the Third World for his own advantage. Or that he was just simply a genius and African connoisseur who wanted to create something unique. Director Joe Berlinger follows Paul as he reunites with his SA collaborators, and revisits the controversy the album caused. A-one-to-watch!